The Big 12 Conference

Saturday morning we got up and attended our first clinic by Ronald Borror.  

Afterwards, we checked out the exhibits and then headed to lunch.  Most of us ended up at the home of the world’s best fried cheese, Spanky’s.

We headed back to the music building and warmed up for our concert.  We played great!  Here is the program we played:

Fanfare                                                                                     James Kazik

(b. 1978)

Justin Allen, conductor

Three Motets                                                                    Carlo Gesualdo

1. Ave Dulcissima Maria                                                  (1561-1613)

trans. Bradley Palmer

Justin Allen, conductor

Ecce veniet dies illa                                               Giovanni Palestrina


             ed. Stephen Gryč

Suite in F                                                                                    Gustov Holst

II.          Song Without Words                                            (1874-1934)

III.         Song of the Blacksmith           arr. Michael Swann**

Funeral March                                                                     Edward Grieg


arr. Michael Swann**

Rainbow Connection                                   Paul Williams  (b. 1940)

 and Kenneth Ascher (b. 1944)

Danny Williams**, conductor/arranger

Three Miniatures for a Giant for Robert Deahl          Richard Birk

I.            Peer Pleasure                                                   (b. 1960)

II.          Lite Motive

III.         Bob’s Rondo a la Birk


**SFA Trombone Choir Member

Stephen F. Austin State University



*Justin Allen, Klein

Michael Anderson, Sugarland

Kelly Barker, Rye

++David Carlsen, Fort Worth

Ashley Colgrove, Mesquite

Webb Gardner, Katy

Lacy LaForce, Big Sandy

+Megan Massarello, Cypress

Daniel Ramos, Fort Worth

David Robbins, Rusk

Ashley Scambray, Cypress

+Michael Swann, Plano

Jordan Torres, Anahuac

Dwight Watson, Wylie

Danny Williams, Dayton

+Samantha Williams, Mesquite

The concert went great!  (except for that constant annoying Bolero solo from the exhibits in the background) We had a lot of positive feedback, even from Viento Sur!

Dr. Scott played a solo in the afternoon: Colloquy by Goldstein to kick off the faculty recital.  Susan Wass accompanied.

Dinner was at Gardski’s Loft on Broadway:

We were blissfully unaware at that point of the incredible performance we were about to hear.  We headed back to the music building for a concert by the Argentinian Trombone Quartet, Viento Sur.  They had been at SFA in 2010.  They were remarkable then, but their playing has risen to even new heights.  They were astounding! After the concert, Kelly, Danny, and Dr. Scott hung with them at the jazz jam.  It was great fun!

We all stayed up too late!–but still made it to another clinic by Dr. Rose about doubling:

We headed back to DFW, dropping some students, and then on to Lubbock.  Fortunately, everyone got home safe.

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