School of Music Offers Preview Day, February 20, 2023

See and hear the School of Music in action! Observe classes, lessons, and ensembles. Visit with professors. Tour the campus. Pick and choose which activities you will attend with a rotating schedule. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. and continues through 10:30 a.m. Activities begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 4 p.m.  (Individual audition times may be available, depending on your area of interest.) Fill out the form below to register. A complete schedule will be sent later. This event is free and open to any prospective music major (and their parents/guardians) of any age.

Preview Day Registration


The Fall 2021 semester is off to a great start for this large trombone studio in this large School of Music! There are so many ensemble opporutnites to choose from: three concert bands, the symphony orchestra, three jazz bands, the trombone choir, the marching band, the trombone octet, the SFA Trombone quartet, the Ladybones quartet, the junior quartet, and the freshmen quartet! Updated pictures and bios of everyone are coming soon!

Fall 2021 Wind Ensemble

What a Busy Semester!

The SFA Trombone Studio students were extremely busy this fall semester. The marching band did three full shows. The jazz bands had a guest trombone artist from the Marines, Gunnery Sergeant, Ken Ebo. We hosted Houston Grand Opera trombonist, Thomas Hulten, for a studio masterclass. The concert bands performed a major concert and also hosted famous composer, James Syler. The trombone choir held a concert and went to an elementary school to perform. The choir used trombones in their final Masterworks concert. The orchestra performed West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. Several students recorded for competitions. The SFA Trombone Octet was featured at a major concert.  The freshmen had a weekly techniques class. A big thank you to Kyle Manuel and Chris Cannon for all your contributions to the studio over the years! Congratulations on your graduation! And, now, over the break, students are planning to attend the Big 12 Trombone Conference.