Trombone Choir/Studio

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The Trombone Choir was established in 2000.  Since then, it has performed at the the International Trombone Festival, the Texas Music Educators Association, and the Big 12 Area Trombone Festival as well as many other locations.  The Trombone choir is made up of all current trombone majors as well as students from other majors.  It meets as a class one hour weekly, and generally performs one concert each semester.

The Trombone Studio at SFA is made up of students who have become successful band directors, university teachers, professional symphony trombonists, jazz trombonists, and have been in the finals of international solo competitions.  Students practice their performance and teaching skills in a weekly studio class, and they prepare one accompanied solo for a trombone studio recital each semester. Many guest artists and clinicians visit the SFA Trombone Studio to interact with students including Bones Apart, Canadian Brass, Viento Sur, John Marcellus, and Edward Kleinhammer.  The spirit of the studio is one of positive encouragement and camaraderie. If you would like to study trombone at SFA, contact Dr. Scott at or visit

Trombone Choir Concert F2016

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