Sierra Exif JPEGThe School of Music at SFA is huge for a medium-sized university. With an enrollment of nearly 450 music majors, it compares to most other major universities in the state and is much bigger than most medium-sized universities. There are plenty of ensemble opportunities to support each area of study including four concert bands, three jazz bands, the symphony orchestra, the opera orchestra, marching band and many small ensembles.  All ensembles are open to students regardless of major.  Our primary goal for the music major is to encourage the development of artist-educators who will be equipped to be both talented performers and great teachers.  This is accomplished by certifying students in the field of music education while instilling a deep sense of musicianship on their primary instrument or area of study, developing an artist-educator.  

Another huge advantage at SFA is the tuition structure of 12-21 hours for the SAME COST! Students can feel free to enroll in numerous ensembles without creating more debt. This creates a more well-rounded and hirable musician(–and makes the college experience more valuable and more fun)! For more information about a specific ensemble, contact the following e-mail: schoolofmusic@sfasu.edu or check out the website: music.sfasu.edu

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