Made it to Lubbock!

The Trombone Choir met in Dallas for the first time in five weeks.  We played a morning concert at John Horn H S–where Sam went to school.  The choir played really well–especially considering that we were playing that concert after a five week break wtihout a rehearsal!  The band directors, Mr.Todd Burke, and Mr. Scott Rives were very welcoming and supportive.  We played a great concert and then talked to the HS students for a LONG time.  They had many great questions.

Afterwards, we headed to the Ft. Worth zoo!   It was the perfect downtime between concerts.  It was really cold, so we spent a lot of time in the primate house where Danny became the target for an over-aggressive gorilla.  

We then played a concert at Southwest HS in Ft. Worth.  We played well and had a great question and answer session with the HS students.  Mr. Dunn has consistently turned out awesome students with the best tone quality I’ve heard–yes, that’s you David C. and Daniel.  Don’t get a big head.  After this concert, we headed to the Ft. Worth iconic restaurant, Joe T. Garcia’s.  We had an awesome relaxing dinner.

Afterwards, we drove to Waxahachie where we stayed in a great La Quinta right by the HS.  We got up and played a concert for Waxahachie HS and middle school.  Rich Armstrong and Jon Hinton were very welcoming to us as were the students–we got a standing ovation.  We were happy, had been a little intimidated since they had been named the 4A honor band of Texas this year.  The HS school students mingled with ours, and I met several very promising trombonists.

We headed towards Lubbock.  Some of my students were shocked at how flat and desolate W. Texas appears. 

Made it to Lubbock just in time for the opening conference concert.  Afterwards, a mass trombone choir sight read some new pieces.  Dr. Lias’ Sequoia sounded great with a 40+ choir.  Arrived at our hotel around 11 p.m.  It’s awesome–who’s your friend?


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